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This is the official website of the Madras Cemeteries Board Trust, a management body of the Christian Cemeteries in Chennai. Our office is located at 300/88, Kilpauk Garden Road, Kilpauk Chennai – 600 010, Tamil Nadu. India. This is a service to the sorrowing bereaved families.

Management of the Board

President, CSI Diocese of Madras
Hon. Secretary, CSI Diocese of Madras
Vice – President, Archdiocese of Madras, Mylapore
Hon. Treasurer, Archdiocese of Madras, Mylapore

The General body consists of Parishes and Pastorates in the metropolis of Chennai of the Roman Catholic and Church of South India, diocese of Madras duly recognized by the patrons and the Churches admitted by General Body. Management committee is appointed by the general body once on three years which elects President, Vice- President, Secretary and the Treasurer to function for three years.

AIM: The Madras Cemeteries Board Trust is established for the purpose of enabling orderly burial of individual Christians of all denominations in accordance to their rituals.

The Board control two Cemeteries:

Kilpauk General Cemetery
300/88, Kilpauk Garden Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 010, India
Kasimode Cemetery
Ennore High Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 081, India

Kilpauk General Cemetery

This is one of the largest Cemeteries in Tamil Nadu called as Kilpauk old Cemetery opened in the year 1903 with an area of around 6.5 hecters. There are more than 50,000 bodies buried here. Now it is closed partially for new burials since April 2005. Graves of those buried before 14 years are reopened for their family members with proper procedural process for reuse. Graves reserved before 1995 are made use for burial purpose by the family that posses the reservation receipt and other particulars necessary. Tombs are constructed on top without damaging the old tombs.

The General body of the board has decided to go for the Multi-tier vault system of burial as followed in Kerala state. No reservation is permitted. A 450 Multi-tier vault system is under construction. This can be reused after 2-3 years after pushing the remains into a pit constructed for the purpose. We hope to start this system of burial in 3-4 months time.


Chapel at the Kilpauk Cemetery

A Chapel is now under construction to facilitate the people to say the last prayers or Mass before burial. This chapel is donated by a Christian family in memory of their beloved father. Provision to start a funeral parlor is also under study and consideration.The roof at the entrance is in a damaged condition and steps are taken to renovate the same without altering the heritage of the building.

Multi-tier vault system of burial at Kilpauk Cemetery: This system of burial will be introduced at Kilpauk within 4 months. This can only help to meet the need to some extent.

Kasimode Cemetery

This Cemetery is situated in Kasimode with an area of around 1.5 hecters. It was opened in the year 1900 and utilized for the orderly Christian burial of all denominations. Space is available for fresh burial and one grave digger is employed.